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10 Reasons Taco Carts are Better than Taco Trucks

Kon-Tiki Taco Written by 

They share more similarities than differences. But smaller and larger vehicles for taco service can affect the fiesta meal experience in many ways.

America is entering a presidential election year, so it’s a time when we start to make binary choices. And it’s not just about Blue vs. Red – choices come down to caffeine vs. decaf, Cubs vs. Mets, Southern California vs. Northern California, and taco trucks vs. mobile taco cart catering.

Yup, there is a divide between how you get your tacos (at least on the West Coast there is, given the exceptional popularity of the food for all occasions). We could add in there the bricks-and-mortar taquerias, however tacos on wheels exist in their own universe.

For the uninitiated, there are differences. Mobile taco catering is all about flexibility and universally appealing food for private events, largely; taco trucks are more about feeding people lucky enough to be in the vicinity of one when they are hungry. Following are ten reasons why a mobile cart has a bit of an edge over a taco truck:

  1. You can have a taco cart for a party IN YOUR BACKYARD.

  2. Lower fossil fuel consumption and emissions from the smaller carts.

  3. Cart-based service provides made-to-order tacos per each diner, not a take-it-or-leave it menu.

  4. You can have taco caterers (with multiple carts) AT YOUR CORPORATE EVENT.

  5. You get a friendly, skilled server at eye level. No need to squint upwards at the taco god/goddess to discuss the carnitas.

  6. You can see the food being made from fresh ingredients right in front of you, not mysteriously prepared inside the truck.

  7. You can have multiple points of service, not make everyone stand in one line.

  8. You can get taco carts to serve AT OUTDOOR KIDS’ EVENTS, SUCH AS BASEBALL TOURNAMENTS.

  9. A taco cart can be used indoors and outdoors.

  10. You can get an affordable taco cart service for AN INTIMATE POOL PARTY FOR AS FEW AS TEN PEOPLE.

One big plus in many situations with taco caterers is you can also get margarita bar. This requires no further explanation.

To be clear, taco caterers, food trucks on street corners and special events, and taquerias are all due credit: the taco revolution is nearly complete. Everyone from children through seniors enjoy the taste, the simplicity and the variety of tacos. So there’s no need to make a choice you’re stuck with for the next four years. Tacos for all, in every venue possible!

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