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For Taco Catering, which Drinks Are Best Paired with Tacos?

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Tequilas, margaritas and cerveza all go well with a Latin-themed meal. But the event planner that arranges your taco catering can make a party go one better by thoughtful drink pairings.

The taco is one of the most versatile foods on the restaurant-food truck scene today. There are also those who specialize in mobile taco catering operations that use taco carts rather than food trucks.  Tacos travel well and are so versatile you can serve some for dinner and others for breakfast. But while a simple margarita bar might seem a natural for accompanying beverages, there really is a broad choice on what libations are possible.

This might be because taco caterers have shaken up the foodie world with creativity. But much of it owes to principles of good food and great taste – sometimes a good Mexican beer makes sense, other times it’s about the tequila. And you’d be hard pressed to find a taco meal when a margarita doesn’t complete the evening.

Smart taco caterers provide educated choices. The drink is not the main dish, but it can make the main dish better. Culled from the experts, here are some thoughts on what pairs with which tacos at the best of events – regardless if it’s an intimate gathering of just two people or a massive corporate event for thousands:

Tequila – The first consideration is that there are different kinds of tequilas. Anejo (aged in oak for at least a year) is made for red meat, hence a beef taco benefits most from it. Blanco (not barrel aged) is light enough for seafood, perhaps a fish taco made with citrus. Gold (which is a blend) matches well with sweet-spicy foods; a sweet vegetable (sweet potato, peas, shredded carrots, corn) mixed with chilis and chicken is worth a try. A reposado tequila (aged 2 to 12 months) will have a smokiness that nicely complements a barbecued ingredient.

Cerveza – If the broad variety of tequilas make your head spin, sit down. The advent of craft beers offer more choices than an accomplished brewmeister can ever master. Suffice it to say this much: a hoppy pilsner is best with complex flavors (mole, chilis and citrus are a good start). Lighter, woody and dry beers (e.g., Tecate) go with verdes and tomato-y fillings. A lighter but caramel cerveza (e.g., Negra Modelo) matches up well with carne asada and al pastor-style pork.

Margaritas – A website dedicated to young singles staying thin while enjoying a night out makes this point clear: it’s about the quantities, so make sure your sparing consumption is packed with taste. A grapefruit margarita goes well with spicy salsas, such as those flavored with cayenne pepper, cumin, onions, shallots and lime juice. Perhaps a good party with a broad variety of taco flavorings should begin at the margarita bar, allowing you to base your meal off what they offer there.

What remains true for all occasions is that nothing says “fiesta time!” better than the easy-to-hold, delicious-to-eat taco. Event planners know it’s the kind of food that keeps the party rolling.

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