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Taco Catering: Don’t Let the Cost Stop You

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Planning an event? If you think outside the box of banquet halls, restaurants and hotels you might find that mobile taco carts offer significant economies.

Planning a party, business event or other gathering comes with a lot of decision making. You want everyone to have a good time but (with rare exceptions) you need to stay within a budget. There are many different ways of going about this, so it makes sense to consider how the type and nature of the meal you serve can significantly impact the total cost.

This is not simply a matter of choosing hot dogs versus lobster. It’s about the whole feeling of the event. Formality has its place, but sometimes that means people can’t relax and enjoy themselves. Worth considering is to hire taco cart caterers, where your guests can order exactly what they want, then casually interact with everyone else minus the restrictions of table service.

Mobile taco catering, whether indoors or outside, provides several entertaining advantages to hosts:

  • Broader choices for event venues – As most event planners will explain, the matter of food service severely limits where parties can be held. It’s why corporate events are often held in hotel ballrooms and weddings at venues where there is a kitchen already onsite. But mobile taco catering breaks down that barrier: The carts are self-contained kitchens that can bring the food to so many other locations – including back yards, parks and other outdoor spots that might save you money.

  • Minimal need for service ware – This benefit is part economical and part green. We’ve all seen trash containers at events filled with “elegant” higher-end plastic plates, forks, knives and spoons. That all costs money and takes what’s essentially a fossil fuel-based product, puts it to ten minutes of use and then ends up in a landfill for centuries to come. Taco caterers supply party attendees with plates and napkins, but because it’s a hand-held item no utensils are required.

  • Tables not required – Depending on the nature of your event and the ages of attendees, you may be able to dispense with tables altogether or just have enough to accommodate 10-20% of your guests. The reason for this is mobile taco catering promotes mingling and mixing of guests, allowing them to gather in small groups while eating. It’s definitely informal – the way most people prefer.

  • Better social interaction – Beyond just the fact that people aren’t planted at one table for an entire meal, the mixing of guests starts with the fiesta theme of tacos, margarita bars and perhaps the music selected. The message is have fun, get to know each other, and relax.

Note that tacos can be made for the carnivores as well as the vegans and vegetarians. That’s one battle every party host hopes to win.

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