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Tacos: A Hassle Free Corporate Catering Solution

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The diversity of tacos – in ingredients, and in the breadth of venue possibilities – are a perfect fit for businesses that like to stay fresh.

Modern companies know that business as usual is a surefire way to be a boring business. It’s also out of step with the times when an employer fails to create excitement around everything it does – in its products and services, as well as in the kind of workplace culture it creates.

This applies as well to catered employee and customer events. Serve an all-beef meal with bacon bits on the salad and you have a big miss with about a third of the event attendees. Between the vegetarians, pescaterians, vegans, Halal, Kosher, gluten-frees and paleos, a limited menu of any kind just doesn’t cut it anymore.

The solution is variety, but how does that stay within budget and allow easy, hassle-free service of a meal?

The simple answer comes in two words: taco caterers

Why taco catering? It’s the corporate event solution that covers all the bases:

Diverse menu: By the food-station, made-to-order method of business taco caterers, there is almost no limit to what can go into a taco. Meat, tofu, shrimp, chicken, goat, tilapia, pork … while the vegetable ingredients encourage any kind of eater to eat their vegetables as well.

Eat a little, eat a lot: Bob from accounting keeps up his 120-pound frame (he’s a crew coxswain on weekends) with a restricted menu, while Heather in strategy can pack away a hearty meal (she’s a nationally competitive power lifter). Neither one will waste food or complain about how little there was with the taco-catered meal. 

Interaction: The informality of a business meal is more than a style choice. It’s a way for diners to get up from their tables and roam about the event, interacting with dozens of guests. What employer doesn’t want that kind of interaction?

Contain costs: A corporate caterer will be able to reduce expenses in a taco meal by eliminating the need for formal details (table clothes, tables, chairs, large wait staff). Food costs too need not be exorbitant, however, that depends on the specific menu items selected in advance.

Venue options expand: The least expensive event is one that can be held on the company premises. When hosting an event where the caterers have taco carts, no kitchen is necessary. If going offsite is part of the plan, the options for where to go expand immensely.

The professionalism of a taco caterer is critically important as well. Be sure to speak with a potential corporate caterer to understand both their skills and experience in corporate events as well as in taco service. Maybe a taco-truck event is right for your event, or perhaps taco carts or even a buffet service better suits the occasion. The point is the options enable it to be what you want it to be.

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