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There’s More to Taco Catering Than Just Great Tacos

Kon-Tiki Taco Written by 

A party is more than just the food served – but woe unto the host whose menu fails to please. That’s why catered taco parties are kinda perfect.

If you’ve been to a party lately where taco caterers put on the meal, you’re not alone. Taco-menu events are becoming hugely popular – for a variety of reasons. It’s a type of casual dining that allows partygoers, whether it’s a business or family event (weddings included), to enjoy more of the event rather than being stuck at one table.

In fact, where it comes to taco catering at events, the meal serves the party, so to speak. It’s great, well-received food (see below), but it’s really about the bigger picture. The event goes better in all kinds of ways because of how the tacos and – if you order beverage service – how drinks are served from a mobile margarita bar.

Caterers who specialize in taco catering for weddings and corporate taco catering figured this all out long ago.

Let’s break that down into four pieces:

  1. It’s a roam-around party – Most hosts choose the fast and flexible method of taco parties, with mobile taco catering carts evenly distributed around the event space. The guests can go to station #1, get one or two tacos there, then join a table for 10 or so minutes before heading over to station #2. More people meet more people at taco parties.
  1. Have it your way…really, just about any way you want – In a dietary-preferences world, it’s not acceptable to throw down sirloin medallions on every plate and consider the meal done. Whether vegan or vegetarian, carnivore or pescaterian, the diner chooses the fillings in a taco. There are no other means to serve large crowds with made-to-order dishes than with tacos.
  1. Location location location – Or more like, “venue venue venue.” With mobile taco catering carts, there is no need for an on-site kitchen. Now your taco party can be anywhere a cart can roll in. Think of the possibilities!
  1. Healthy without trying – Look inside your gourmet taco wrap and what do you see? Lean meat – or maybe tofu. Vegetables. Spicy sauces. A little bit of calcium rich cheese, perhaps. Guacamole. These are the foods of athletes and people on sensible diets. Tacos are for people who just love the mix of flavors – which is just about everybody.

And in case you have lingering doubts about the appeal of taco-themed events, consider two additional factors: Mexican food in traditional and “fusion” forms continue to grow in popularity, according to Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine: “As Americans continue their love affair with Mexican food, foodservice operators in this segment keep experimenting with unique and healthier ingredients. Now they are incorporating other ethnic flavors as well.” Examples are how Korean, South American and African ingredients and flavors are being incorporated into the many taco choices.

And lest anyone forget, this is a type of cuisine associated with the word “fiesta!” When people hear a party will have tacos, they think about something festive to wear.

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