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Why Gourmet Taco Catering is Perfect for Graduation Parties

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A commencement means launching into the next thing. Graduates prove their scholarship by helping to plan the event – very often tacos are the smart choice.

Graduations go by another name, “commencement,” which means the beginning of something new. So while some mark the day they receive their diploma as an end it’s increasingly a time when parents, the graduate, friends and family treat the occasion as a launch pad to the next thing.

Which is a reason to use a gourmet taco cart caterer for a graduation party. What’s so smart about that? Let’s study up.

A wise parent will engage the scholar in planning the event. In part because by taking ownership of the party, he or she will do some of the work. But also because it’s an introduction into what it takes to be an organizer, how to manage social questions, plus how to budget and weigh your options.

Which is where the mobile taco catering company comes in. There are basically three options to hosting a graduation party:

Home party, you do the work – Sure, you can take on the task of planning, shopping, food prep, stocking a bar (perhaps even a gimlet or margarita bar), service and cleanup. It adds pressure on what might otherwise be a day of enjoyment for proud parents. Quite likely it will be the lowest-cost option – but one never knows until all the shopping is done.

Home party, hire a caterer – Whether you hire taco caterers or any other type of food prep-service-cleanup company, it will mean you don’t have to worry about anything. Tacos are pretty popular because they actually offer a broad variety for your guests, be it chicken, beef, fish, shrimp or vegetarian options. Serving sizes are modest so those who do not eat a lot will waste nothing while guests with bigger appetites can always go back for more.

Event venue (restaurant or other) – Perhaps a restaurant will do, but a park or beach or other venue could be make a more memorable occasion. Carting food, even for professional caterers, can be challenging in some locations. But the way mobile taco catering works is that the cart, the refrigeration, the grill, service ware and all the ingredients are self-contained. If a vehicle can drive there, you have a taco party.

The graduate and supervising adults should first develop a budget and a set number for their invitation list. Then go about considering the three options. From there it’s a matter of research, testing different options to determine the best plan. Taco catering isn’t your only choice, but for thousands of Californians it’s become an automatic default because of the broad appeal of the food, the relatively low cost, and because the crowd can mix more easily with hand-held food. Perhaps just as important, the new grad can easily relate to fare associated with the word “fiesta!”.

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