Family Occasions Call for a Catered Taco Party

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When you gather the relatives together there is a lot to think about – most of all you have to feed them. Tacos take off the pressure, increase the pleasure.

The great thing about taco parties is their versatility. Tacos appeal to all age groups, special dietary needs are easily accommodated, and with mobile taco catering you can pick venues that lack for a kitchen. Yes – a beach, park, backyard, historical home, even a haunted house can be your party place when you have a taco-themed affair.

This includes the big family events that mark the special occasions of life. Some of those events can be planned far in advance, and some might be relatively spontaneous. Be sure to have a taco caterer on call for times you decide that they can make your event much easier to plan.

Consider how taco caterers will allow you, the party host, to spend far more time talking to guests. It sure beats sweating over a hot stove or accommodating a potluck with too-few serving spoons and Aunt Linda’s onion-marshmallow casserole. Tacos work for almost any occasion:

New baby – Whether a baptism, bris, mundan, Karnavedha, aqiqah or any other new baby celebration, new fathers can make new mothers immensely happy if they order up a taco catering company that offers a full choice of taco ingredients for the family gathering.

Kids birthday parties – Thirty high-energy first graders might be bouncing off the walls, but a slow simmered carnitas taco saves you the bother (and worry) about forks and knifes being in the mix.

Coming of age – Whether it’s a confirmation, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, quinceañera or Sweet 16 party, seasoned and grilled tofu tacos can be a hit. (Of course the margarita bar is still off limits for all but the parents).

Graduations – It’s a time to say adios to one thing and head on to something new. Why not make sure there is some zesty guacamole and mango salsa in there to mark the occasion?

4th of July – So you decided to invite 100 people over for a simple summer party. Why not celebrate with Tacos Americano? Your mobile taco catering company might be able to improvise on hot dogs and hamburgers with easy-to-hold wraps.

Engagement parties – Whether around Christmas, Valentine’s Day or the heart of summer, your taco-themed party could have an island fusion salsa and music to match the romance.

Weddings/anniversaries – Yes indeed, a taco-catered wedding is a thing. One reason (besides the great food that is adaptable to the broad range of guests) is it opens up the venue options. Beach weddings are a hassle if you have to do it near a clubhouse kitchen. But if the mobile taco carts – they are actually self-contained service kitchens – can reach the location, you can have a reception there. Just say no to boring banquet halls!

Family reunions – Again, Aunt Linda, we’ve always loved that casserole (cousin Jerry’s mac-and-cheese-with-suicide-jalapenos too, of course) but you get this year off to just enjoy the relatives!

Family time is taco time, any way you slice it, regardless of your ethnic background or how much money you have to spend. Think of the word “fiesta” and you pretty much also think about fun, tasty tacos made the way you like.

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Everything went smoothly and according to plan. We feel like Kon-Tiki Taco Catering went above and beyond any expectation to make our event a success, and I'm not just talking about the delicious food. Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the most professional caterers we've hired and we will be using you again soon. Thanks again.

Mentor Worldwide, Santa Barbara, CA

We cater frequently and let me tell you that in my experience, Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the very best out there. You exceeded our expectations in both food and service. Your team is very talented and professional. They worked extremely hard setting up and cleaning up and everything in between. Thanks so much. We will invite you back soon and frequently.

Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, CA

Your cooks and servers performed at the highest level. It was tricky with the unexpected weather but your staff did the very best they could considering how plans changed. Everyone raved about the tacos and guacamole. We do these events quarterly so we will be in touch. Thank you again.

Century City, Quest Diagnostics
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