Wedding Taco Catering TestimonialsPerfectly executed Taco Catering to compliment your perfect day!

We just returned from our honeymoon and contacting Kon-Tiki Taco Catering and thanking you for your service at our wedding last month was on top of our list of things to do. The after party for our closest friends and family was incredibly special. Everyone was so tired and happy and your staff on site took such good care of everyone there. The tacos were perfect without any of the sides. The coffee was perfect. Thank you for knowing we would need it. Everyone was talking about the wedding and reception and my brother was strumming his guitar under a full moon. It was a very nice moment. Thank you. You all put your hearts and souls into our party and it was noticed and appreciated by all.

Flores Wedding
Pasadena, CA

Thank you for all you did to make our wedding so special. Our guests were impressed with the food at the reception and the after party. It's nice to know in this day and age that some service businesses will actually provide what they promise. That you did made us very pleased with our choice.

Henderson Wedding
Pasadena, CA

Thank you for all the food and fun. Our expectations were greatly exceeded. I think we understand now that we were paying for a fun experience, not just food. Your two-member team added so much fun to our party. They worked their tails off and effortlessly mingled with our guests. Everyone talked more about your food than the food from the expensive caterer.

Rogalski Wedding
Tustin, CA

Oh my God, our wedding ceremony was a comedy of errors, from sound problems to the best man fainting and our ring bearer misplacing our rings. Everyone was thinking "What else can go wrong?".  Let's just say that Kon-Tiki Taco Catering was the unsung hero that day. You did everything you said you would and the eating part of the day went really well, both before and after the reception. Our families and guests were impressed with the food and professionalism of your staff. Now whenever anyone mentions our wedding day, they start with "How about those tacos!". Thank you for coming through.

Dickson Wedding and After Party
Calabasas, CA

Deciding whether to have a formal reception or something less formal almost caused a break up before the wedding! We went with less formal and hired Kon-Tiki Taco Catering for our reception and our after party. We made the right decisions. The day was fun for everyone. All the food, the tacos, the quesadillas, the burritos, they were so good! It was a great party and we were thrilled to see our guests enjoy themselves as much as they did.

Decker Wedding
Agoura, CA