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If you have questions about Kon-Tiki Taco Catering, we have the answers!

Whether you're planning a birthday party, a family reunion or a wedding and require catering, it's vital that you perform your due dilligence so that there are no unwelcome surprises later. We provide some basic answers to frequently asked questions below. But do not hesistate to pick up the phone and talk to us, so that you can get a fuller picture of how taco cart catering by Kon-Tiki Taco Catering works.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering offer discounts?

We offer discounts to select and reputable nonprofit organizations doing good work in the community. For more information or to see if you qualify, contact us.

How far does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering travel?

We provide taco cart catering to cities within Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara, and the San Gabriel Valley.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering plan on adding menu items?

We feel that the current taco catering menu is the best we’ve offered.  For the purpose of assuring that our clients can rely on the same tasty food, time after time, we rarely modify recipes or add to it. But we are always testing and new culinary concoctions often find their way on the menu for holidays and special occasions.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering offer gift cards?

Gift Certificates, yes. Gift Cards, no.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering have a food truck?

No. We provide taco cart catering services. While it’s easy to get distracted and offer everything plus the kitchen sink, we choose to focus on what we’re really great at. We are great at making street-style tacos at your home, office and school in our specially designed and crafted taco carts.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering deliver?

No. While we know our clients love our cuisine, we enjoy meeting the challenges of providing taco cart catering that offers an equal measure of food and service. In doing so, we’re creating an experience larger than the food alone.

How long has Kon-Tiki Taco been in business?

Kon-Tiki Taco Catering was founded in May of 2006.

Is Kon-Tiki Taco Catering locally owned and operated?

Yes. Kon-Tiki Taco Catering is a family-owned and operated business with deep roots in Southern California.

Where are you located?

Our main headquarters is based in beautiful Pasadena, California.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering offer gluten-free items?

Yes. Our tortillas and salsas are gluten free.

Does Kon-Tiki Taco Catering serve authentic Mexican cuisine?

Mostly, yes. But there is an element of fusion of other cuisines from other locales where people prepare and enjoy great-tasting, creative food.

Do you serve vegetarian and/or vegan tacos?

We are in the research and development phase of offering tacos that are vegan and vegetarian. We do currently offer limited vegetarian taco catering entrees (grilled veggies, tofu and potato). We also provide a vegetarian bean option. Currently, we are developing other meat and dairy-free recipes for a possible launch of a new plant-based vegan taco catering business tentatively called “Cali Carts”.

Is there a limit on how many or how few people you’ll serve at an event?

We typically have a minimum of 30 guests. Contact us for more information on the minimums for your location.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards and checks.

For wedding taco catering, do you cater the actual reception of just after parties?

Kon-Tiki Taco Catering can provide appetizers and dinner for your cocktail hour and/or reception. We also provide a late night snack for your guests.

What is a wedding "after party"?

After dinner has been enjoyed by all of your guests, dancing and drinking is well underway, a late night snack is a great way to send your guests off with a full stomach and happy heart.

How much space is required to accomodate your taco carts?

Our custom carts are designed to fit through any standard 36” door way. We ask for about 10’ x 10’ of space per taco cart.

In Praise of Kon-Tiki Taco CateringWhat Our Clients Have To Say

Thank you Kon-Tiki Taco Catering. Our event was a success in every way. Besides great food, your servers brought with them fun and friendly personalities. The executives were pleased. Our employees enjoyed the food and the party. Your team made me look good to the top brass. I so appreciate that.

Amgen, Newbury Park, CA

The party went great! The taco’s were awesome. Everyone really enjoyed the food. Your staff did a great job. Thank you for helping us have great company Christmas party.

Daughters of Charity Health System, Los Altos Hills, CA

Thank you for catering the delicious lunch yesterday. The Drug Trust Fund staff thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Your staff was super. They adjusted to all our requests without hesitation. You have a very efficient team at Kon-Tiki Taco Catering. Thank you.

So Cal UFCW Drug Trust Funds, Los Angeles, CA
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