National Holidays that Lend Themselves to Taco Catering Fun

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Tacos are as American as apple pie. To chefs and event planners, there is no end to ways that taco shells and fillings can adapt to different holidays.

There is a National Taco Day (October 4). But that doesn’t mean tacos have only certain days or even seasons of the year. Tacos are a versatile food that complements all kinds of holidays in all kinds of settings.

How so? Remember that tacos are, broadly speaking, a category of menu items. Some are stuffed with beef or pork, while other are of the tofu-and-chopped-vegetables varieties. Taco cart catering companies offer different sizes of tacos as well, allowing light eaters the opportunity to eat one or two without waste while people with more hearty appetites can be satisfied with a plate full of tacos.

Mobile taco catering also enables tacos to go to picnics and other events staged far from a kitchen. A Memorial Day festival in a park? No problem. Independence Day fairs and barbecues? Tacos can be served in quantity there. Labor Day and Veterans Day events have their own wrinkles – but people are always hungry and taco caterers know how to satisfy them.

Here are what some taco caterers recommend for those holidays:

Memorial Day – This is the first official day of summer for most, so why not make your tacos about fresh spring gardens? Jerk chicken tacos made with fresh greens, green onions, and a light mozzarella cheese is in order.

Independence Day – The Fourth of July is perhaps the Number One barbecue day in the USA. So while some might labor over a hot grill to separately cook red meat, corn-on-the-cob and perhaps some potato wedges (with a side of slaw), the make-it-ahead entertainer can do the grilling on the 3rd of July and serve those ingredients hot or cold inside taco shells on the holiday. It’s less work for the host, enabling them to enjoy their home margarita bar with guests.

Labor Day – There’s a bit of wistfulness to this day, as it’s about closing the season before kids head back to school as summer transitions to autumn. And often, there’s driving involved. Make taco meals ahead, pack them in the cooler and let that be your road food to avoid mass-produced fast food at highway interchanges.

Veterans Day – Only about 20% of employers provide this day off from work, according to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). So since 80% of working adults think of this as a bank- and postal-only holiday, they basically have to make dinner at home after work on November 11. Why not honor the veterans you know by serving up tacos made from the Land of the Free, which could include Iowa-raised pork, taco wrap from Kansas corn, plus and onions, peppers and other vegetables from California?

In fact, the SHRM research shows that only 47% of businesses are closed on Christmas Eve, 37% on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, and 35% on Presidents Day in February. The simple convenience, universal appeal, and versatility of tacos can make each of those days special regardless of whether one works or not.

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