Taco Catering is Perfect for Big and Small Occasions

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“Perfection” is very hard to achieve for any event planner. But some choices, particularly in food, can scale up or down as needed – and help avert disasters.

Planning a wedding for 250 people…or an engagement party for 45? Are you organizing a work party for your department of 20 … or an all-company shebang that involving 1,000 employees, consultants, clients and perhaps even top shareholders?

Both come with stresses, budgets, creative conflict – and expectations. To a certain extent, bigger means better in that the event is elevated to something more epic (e.g., an engagement party does not likely require a photographer, expensive dresses and a life-defining cake, as does a wedding). So the event venue will be different, as will the way in which you invite people to attend (engraved invitations versus something online or perhaps even via old-fashioned phone calls).

But some things are appropriate for events large and small. One is music. Another might be food. The best example of this is how larger corporate events and family celebrations are using food stations versus formal sit-down banquets. The math on this is simple: events should be about people mixing and moving around, not forcing guests to sit at one table throughout. And among the more popular food station formats is to use taco caterers.

How does that work? A mobile taco cart catering company basically provides a type of food and service that can scale up or down to the specific number of event attendees. For example, a single taco cart – which is a self-contained kitchen and service station – might accommodate 30 to 50 people (this varies by the time frame in which the meal is available). If the event will have 150 guests, just plan on three to four carts; for 1500 guests, 30-40 carts. Things to consider:

Smaller event – What you’re looking for is casual intimacy, food made-to-order, and perhaps easy, extended service over several hours. With taco caterers, the trained service staff are skilled in food handling and preparation, as well as the friendly interaction involved in creating a taco that individual guests want (selecting from a range of ingredients).

Bigger event – An event planner needs an efficient operation, with multiple stations to spread out the service and minimize the wait times, with adaptable ingredients that still allow everyone to get exactly what they want in the quantities they choose. Mobile taco catering allows you to handily move around at a moment’s notice (e.g., if inclement weather forces an outdoor event to move inside) as well as serve up a vegetarian order without missing a beat.

An added advantage of tacos for events of any size is the hand-held nature of this universally understood and appealing food. No forks are necessary – in fact, you needn’t supply tables for everyone given how many guests would prefer to eat tapas-style, browsing through the event and talking to as many people as possible.

Because in the end events are about people. The food has to be good – and it should facilitate social engagement.

In Praise of Kon-Tiki Taco CateringWhat Our Clients Have To Say

Everything went smoothly and according to plan. We feel like Kon-Tiki Taco Catering went above and beyond any expectation to make our event a success, and I'm not just talking about the delicious food. Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the most professional caterers we've hired and we will be using you again soon. Thanks again.

Mentor Worldwide, Santa Barbara, CA

We cater frequently and let me tell you that in my experience, Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the very best out there. You exceeded our expectations in both food and service. Your team is very talented and professional. They worked extremely hard setting up and cleaning up and everything in between. Thanks so much. We will invite you back soon and frequently.

Kaiser Permanente, Los Angeles, CA

Your cooks and servers performed at the highest level. It was tricky with the unexpected weather but your staff did the very best they could considering how plans changed. Everyone raved about the tacos and guacamole. We do these events quarterly so we will be in touch. Thank you again.

Century City, Quest Diagnostics
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