What Gourmet Taco Caterers Are Cranking Out In the Kitchen

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The sheer degree of creative menu planning is at the heart of taco catering businesses. Beyond new recipes, they’ve found new times of day are great for taco meals.

One of the reasons that tacos are proving to be stunningly popular is their versatility. Because any chef, at home or in a commercial food setting such as a taco truck or taco catering business, is allowed a full range of ingredients to satisfy restless gourmands, it is possible to produce tacos with flour or corn tortillas in endless variation.

This variety means that gourmet taco establishments have become particularly savvy about serving tacos morning, noon and night, with brunches and snacks filling in the cracks. A quick tour of food trucks, event caterers, restaurants and the media that cover them reveal some exciting creativity at all times of day:

Breakfast/Brunch – It’s not a stretch in the least to consider tacos a breakfast food, as a tortilla can easily carry delicious egg concoctions with vegetables and bacon. Some restaurants feature all that plus black beans, pico de gallo and a melted pepper jack cheese. Fans of mobile taco catering might search for potato leek omelets, sweet potato pecan fillings, or any of the above stuffed into a rolled-up pumpkin pancake. Seriously – with savory seasonings, a little cheese and a golden warm tortilla, it’s easy to see why a breakfast taco can provide an awesome start to any day.

Lunchtime – There is no need to opt for a fast food, mass-produced taco when taco caterers and fine restaurants alike are turning out outstanding taco business lunches. The popularity of corporate taco catering illustrates this fact. Variations on seafood in the tortilla shell include grilled Mahi Mahi, calamari and spicy Cajun-style shrimp. Vegetarians know that a black-bean taco is as good for the heart as well as the soul, but taco caterers will always make sure a meat option is offered (suggestion: Barbacoa de Res made with certified angus beef).

Dinner & Drinks – The lines between taco caterers, bricks-and-mortar restaurants and food truck tacos are getting blurrier, as these different types of businesses now effectively compete for taco-loving diners. A Forbes magazine overview in 2014 on upscale Mexican foods cited several variations on tacos that a confirmed foodie has to love: fillings include lobster in garlic butter, chile verde tofu, wild mushrooms, tikka chicken with basmati rice and Thai roast pork. Pair any of those with a margarita bar and it sounds like a successful meal for carnivores and vegans alike.

Taco Desserts – Almost every meal and occasion, even breakfast, could offer something for the sweet tooth. None other than Cooking Light magazine featured chocolate-shell tacos with ice cream and peanuts, as well as a “taco” made of a folded round waffle stuffed with ice cream, drizzled with fudge and topped with a cherry.

Some enterprising parents reportedly throw make-a-taco birthday parties, allowing their children to choose the ingredients and taste the results. Which sounds like a stellar way of introducing kids to the fun of food invention, allowing them to experiment something familiar to create something altogether new. Taco chefs pay heed!

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