Tacos … for Dessert?

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The fusion food movement has taught us to rethink and discover great ways to make dining exciting. The taco dessert is the latest incarnation of that.

There’s a reason that multiple recipes found on the Internet for cannoli, the popular Italian dessert, suggest using a soft taco shell in place of the traditional wrap. It’s because the flour-based shell tastes pretty awesome with sweet fillings!

For the at-home cook, making this faux cannoli is a relatively simple matter. Use traditional ingredients, which are ricotta cheese, powdered sugar, perhaps a splash of vanilla and a just-right portion of chips of chocolate. Roll them up in a soft flour taco shell and brown it lightly on a skillet. There are many variations on fillings, including the use of fresh fruit, which broaden this idea of the dessert taco.

It should be noted that taco desserts aren’t only made at home. Taco trucks and taco cart catering companies have been offering them at special events by request. Getting dessert from a taco vendor makes a lot of sense; if it’s a wedding, for example, a serving of desserts later in the evening can easily come from the same providers who served gourmet dinner tacos for the main meal or wedding after party. No need for a different set-up, they just change the ingredients and offering, from salsas to sprinkles, so to speak.

There are many different reasons why a taco dessert is the perfect way to round out an event:

Tacos are an awesome way to wrap together great tastes and textures – Food technologists and chefs the world over look to create the key components of delicious food in ways that are interesting and novel. Almost always that involves a complex texture and taste profile. A taco catering vendor would wisely combine fillings that have three or four different ingredients with contrasting tastes and textures, complemented by the slight crispiness of a grilled outer wrap.

Fun – No need to elaborate because this is a dessert that surprises. Tacos have been perceived by Americans as “fiesta!” foods since first being introduced in the 20th century by way of fast food companies. Creating a taco dessert simply takes it to the next level.

Easy to serve – Mobile taco caterers are generally employed to simplify events. Everything is self-contained, negating the need for a venue-provided kitchen. The set-up itself is festive, and there are no forks or knives required. Compare that to the ice cream sundae bars (messy self-service?) or the mundane cake-and-cookie desserts.

Option to shift the event to a progression of sites – The event that moves, from outside to inside or to another room, needs a draw to move the crowd along. What better way than the promise of the mobile taco dessert bar?

Whether you are entertaining family or a huge corporate event, the dessert taco bar can be scaled up to serve all attendees in a timely, entertaining fashion. It’s the fiesta that comes with a cherry on top!

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Everything went smoothly and according to plan. We feel like Kon-Tiki Taco Catering went above and beyond any expectation to make our event a success, and I'm not just talking about the delicious food. Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the most professional caterers we've hired and we will be using you again soon. Thanks again.

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We cater frequently and let me tell you that in my experience, Kon-Tiki Taco is one of the very best out there. You exceeded our expectations in both food and service. Your team is very talented and professional. They worked extremely hard setting up and cleaning up and everything in between. Thanks so much. We will invite you back soon and frequently.

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Your cooks and servers performed at the highest level. It was tricky with the unexpected weather but your staff did the very best they could considering how plans changed. Everyone raved about the tacos and guacamole. We do these events quarterly so we will be in touch. Thank you again.

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